Experience Sweden with a motorhome

motorhome category small

Motorhome Compact Plus

Semi-integrated motorhome for 2(+1) / 2(+2) persons

A semi-integrated motorhome, 2 single beds (some models become double bed) in the rear and a sitting area that can be converted into a bed for 2 people. The Family Compact Plus model has a drop down bed. It is spacious for a couple or a small family and easy to drive.

motorhome category medium

Motorhome Family Plus

Alcove motorhome, spacious 4-6 people

Alcove motorhome with double bed for 2 people in the alcove above the driving compartment. At the back, you find a double or bunk beds depending on model. The sitting area, with sofas and a table, can be converted into a bed for 2 people.

motorhome category large

Motorhome Family Luxury

Alcove motorhome extra spacious 5-6 people

Alcove motorhome with double bed for 2 persons in the alcove above the driving compartment. At the back, there are bunk beds. The sitting area, with sofas suitable for 6 people, can be converted into a bed for 2 persons.

Rent a premium motorhome easily with SkandiTrip

Renting a premium motorhome with SkandiTrip is easy. You are assured a premium experience. The SkandiTrip motorhomes are new with maximum 2 years on the road which you directly sense when entering your vacation vehicle at pickup.

The booking process is straight forward via SkandiTrip. Firstly, you choose a premium motorhome that suits your needs. SkandiTrip offers Compact Plus, Family, Family Plus and Luxury. In the calendar you find the available motorhomes and choose pick up and drop off dates.

A premium motorhome vacation means that the service and motorhome equipment has considered everything that you as a family or group would need during your travels through Scandinavia. Not only does SkandiTrip offer the basics like leveling blocks and electric cables to connect the motorhome to 220V at camping sites but also top notch fresh pillows, bed linen and cleaned motorhomes as well as unlimited Internet access. You choose the optional service and packages in the smooth booking process of SkandiTrip.

To ease your decisions of motorhome model and packages you can reach out to SkandiTrip’s dedicated staff that are senior with many years of experience. This means a lot for you as some of your questions and decisions about child seats or route planning will be addressed in a very personal way. Emails are answered within a few hours and you may call us on the phone during evenings and weekends.

Rent a premium Motorhome in Stockholm and Göteborg

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