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Premium Motorhomes

All the SkandiTrip motorhomes are high standard and premium that are factory new or have been in our fleet for maximum two years.

Choose a motorhome model that suit your vacation needs.

Semi-integrated motorhome
Ideal for a couple or two friends

Alcove motorhome
Well designed for the whole family

Large alcove motorhome
Extra spacious for the big family

Experience Göteborg

Gothenburg Metropolitan area has everything: city life with sparkling boulevards, great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife; a fantastic coastline with quaint beaches, islands and around the year bathing areas.

Gothenburg was and has been for a long time the commercial hub for many south western Swedish communities, traditionally agrarian and fishing societies with local trade.

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Rent in Gothenburg

The Gothenburg rental station is located in the city, a calm area surrounded by villas. It is easy to get to the station from the highways E6/E20/E45/road 40, only 20 minutes from Landvetter airport.

Address, Stockholm:
Lantbruksgatan 2, Mölndal
(part of the premises of the Bifrost Church, more info )

Eva Oscarsson: +46(0)10-2064360
Roger Oscarsson: +46 10-206 4350

Rent a Premium motorhome at SkandiTrip Gothenburg

Renting a premium motorhome with SkandiTrip is easy. You are assured a premium experience. The SkandiTrip motorhomes are new with maximum two years on the road which you directly sense when entering your vacation vehicle at pickup.

A premium motorhome vacation means that the service and motorhome equipment consider everything that you as a family or group would need during your travels through Scandinavia. Not only does SkandiTrip offer the basics but also extensive service and equipment packages that are designed for a comfortable and hazzle free vacation in Scandinavia.

Prices depend on the motorhome model and week of year with lower prices in spring and autumn.

Rental price ranges

Low season: 152 - 247 € per day
High season: 159 - 284 € per day

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SkandiTrip Premium Motorhome Rent Services

Scandinavian motorhomes
Designed for vacation in Scandinavia

24/7 Support
24/7 phone support during your vacation

Top notch Premium-Ready-to-Go package with all you need, e.g.:
- Kitchen-ware
- Bed linen and towels
- Child seats
- Grill
- Leveling blocks

Introduction and services
Extensive instruction of the motorhome functionality necessary for a safe and easy use of the motorhome, e.g: personal guidance (30-60 minutes) at pickup and motorhomes prepared with interior and exterior five star cleaning.

Optional full insurance without deductible for each damage.

Safety and technology
Unique safety and technology package, e.g.:
- Gas and fire alarm
- Fire extinguisher
- Additional gas bottles
- Electrical cables and adapters
- Mobile 4G wireless wifi router with unlimited traffic
- 12 Volt to 230 Volt inverter


Motorhome & sightseeing blog

Experience Sweden with a SkandiTrip premium motorhome. A tour along the west coast will give you a well-deserved time of relaxation while lying on a sand beach or walking in a picturesque fishing camp at the ice-age polished rocks of Bohuslän. You will always be close to a lake, a river, or the seacoast whereever you are in Sweden.

Get inspired and get to know about places to visit and routes to drive.

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Motorhome rental services

SkandiTrip offer 24/7 phone support services together with extensive service and equipment packages. SkandiTrip's premium motorhomes are perfectly cleaned and washed. You can opt for packages with additional safety, unlimited Internet access and free road tolls.

At SkandiTrip you will always have an experienced senior person who gives you personal guidance and support.

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Camping in Gothenburg

From the city of Gothenburg, you are never far away from, quaint fishing villages, a stunning archipelago and the lovely countryside. You can definitely find beautiful campsites not too far away from the city centre.

There are several campsites close to the city centre with direct access to public transport. This is perfect if you would like to enjoy the Gothenburg Metropolitan area either before or after your motorhome trip.

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