The Skanditrip Motorhomes team

We are a family business with 30 years experience in motorhome rentals. We are Sweden's largest rental company.

Dedication to motorhome vacation in Sweden

We are passionate about motorhome holidays and are seriously committed to our work making it possible to always deliver the best for our clients. As a customer you will feel our dedication throughout the cooperation with us.

This is important to us

For us, the Oscarsson family, it is important that you feel safe and secure when you or rent motorhome from us. Furthermore, it is our goal to give you the best service you can find. We want it to be easy and comfortable to embark on a your journey

Roger Oscarsson,
Managing Director Skanditrip

"Our customers should enjoy their Scandinavian motorhome vacation where high quality and safety come first. This is the most important for me"

Eva Oscarsson,
Skanditrip Customer Serivice Director

"Contact me in any issue or question that you have when planning your vacation. I am passionate about travels and I love speaking with our customers about places to visit and activities that may give life lasting memories from the Scandinavian motorhome vacation"