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Do the Motorhomes have a isofix and how do you fasten a child seat in a motorhome?
Weight of the motorhome and allowed loading weight.
What are the regulations in Sweden regarding child seats / booster seats?
Sleeping and beds — travel with children
Storage in Motorhome
Batteries and Cables
Does the motorhome have a TV?
Electricity supply
Camping gas
Water tanks, refill and empty
Fridge and freezer
Audio systems
Standard Equipment
Diesel/km consumption
Where to pick up the motorhome in Gothenburg
How long does it take to return the motorhome
How long does it take to pick-up a motorhome?
Travel in Norway and road tolls
Travel to Denmark
Which packages do you need?
Can we book unlimited travelling range (km)?
Last minute rentals
Rental days and rental season
Book online and confirmation
Possible to see motorhome for yourself before renting?
Booking 2 seasons ahead
Can you change a booking?
Our categories and prices
Is the layout of the camper guaranteed we have booked guaranteed?
Do I need the SkandiTrip Safety & Technology package if I take the SkandiTrip Ready-to-Go Plus premium packages?
How many bikes can the motorhome take?
Is there an extra cost for an extra driver?
Do you have motorhomes with automatic gear?
Which are the cancellation rules?
Can you make an offer/ proposal?
Brands? Which brand/type of camper do you usually provide?
Travelling with pets
Number of travellers
Where can we travel?
One way trip?
Speed limits?
Driving licence and age
What to do in case of accident or problem with the motorhome
What happens if something goes wrong during my trip?
Travelling tips?
When and how do we pay?
Do I have to pay a deposit fee when I pick up the motorhome?

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