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Many people think like you - that Sweden and Scandinavia is fantastic. You can see it in the happy, smiling faces of the SkandiTrip's motorhome guests when returning from a few weeks of camping. Places they have seen, villages they have visited and beaches they have been sunbathing at during their camping vacation in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Sightseeing, tourist attractions, nice routes - get inspired!

Sights to see in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is located at the mouth of Lake Mälaren in the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is built on 14 islands, hence making your way through the city, the lake or ocean is always near. Stockholm municipality is a green city and just over 40 percent of the land consists of parks and green areas. There are a wide variety of places to see and things to do in Stockholm for visitors of all ages. Have a look at some of the gems the city has to offer in this article.
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Places to visit around Stockholm

The nature and history is always present in and around Stockholm. Take a day tour with the motorhome and visit some nice places to see that give lifelong memories. The royal castle Drottningholm is located at the lakeside of Mälaren and on an island not far is the historical viking city Birka. If you go eastwards, you can explore the archipelago and the pretty town Vaxholm not far from the SkandiTrip Stockholm rental station. Enjoy day trip tips in this article.
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Sights to see in Göteborg

Visiting the second largest city in Sweden is a great way to start your grand tour of Southern Sweden. Gothenburg is an expanded city with several neighbourhoods spread along the extensive coastline and the lovely shores of the Göta River.
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Experience Norrland, Lapland and Arctic

Experience the midnight sun and arctic aurora on your motorhome tour in Norrland, Sweden. The sun never completely sets below the horizon in the Arctic region. This gives pleasant warm lakes to swim in and flowering nature and active animal wildlife nature.
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Adventures with campervan in Hälsingland

Don’t miss out on Hälsingland when you are travelling north through Sweden on your camping trip. With its undulating landscape, dense forests, rich wildlife, many lakes and rivers it offers a wide range of family activities and things to do with children of all ages. A perfect stop when you hire a motorhome in Stockholm.
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