Rent a motorhome in Norrland to experience northern lights and untouched nature

The geography of Swedish Lapland

The far north of Sweden offers many breathtaking sites to visit. Lapland covers an area of 109 702 km² and the population in the region is only 89 298 (as of 2020-12-31). Large areas of the landscape are still wild and untouched.

Lapland is Sweden's largest county and covers almost a quarter of the country. Sweden's northernmost point, Treriksröset (the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet), is located in Lapland. Some larger towns are Kiruna, Gällivare, Malmberget, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur and Lycksele.

Beautiful views through the motorhome window of the northern Swedish countryside

The Scandinavian mountain range runs in the west, where Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain reaches 2,097 meters above sea level. Other high mountain areas are the Sarek and the Abisko Mountains. The eastern part of the county is quite flat and is covered by coniferous forest and bogs.

Many rivers flow from the mountains in the west to the forests in the east, including the Torne River, the Lule River, the Skellefte River, the Ume River and the Ångerman River. Several of the lakes are very deep. The deepest with 221 meters is Hornavan, Sweden's deepest lake.

Lapland is Sweden's largest county and covers almost a quarter of the country. Sweden's northernmost point, Treriksröset (the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet), is located in Lapland. Some larger towns are Kiruna, Gällivare, Malmberget, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur and Lycksele.

Motorhome sites in Swedish Lapland

With the freedom of roam in mind, you are welcome to enjoy the swedish country side generously.

There are many motorhome campsites throughout Lapland. Use the excellent WIFI that is included in the Skanditrip Ready-to-Go Plus Premium package to find and check out a suitable place to stay overnight. Browse and search “visit + the region” to find hike routes, lunch restaurants, gas stations or activities you would like to do.

Tourists come to Swedish Lapland to experience the midnight sun, the wilderness, the nordic light, hiking, fishing and Swedish and Sami history.

Visit Lapland from Stockholm or Luleå

Just getting to Lapland is a nice and long journey if you start from Stockholm or Göteborg. Travelling through Sweden’s different landscapes and habitats is a nice relaxing drive of you take your time to pass through different architectures, history, wildlife and shifts in nature.

Nice lakeside free camping everywhere in Swedish Norrland

Experience the midnight sun from your motorhome

Midnight sun is the phenomenon where the sun never completely sets below the horizon, which means the sun shines all through the night, it is quite an experience. The midnight sun occurs north of the Arctic Circle during the summer months. The number of days it takes place per year increases the closer you get to the North Pole, where the sun doesn’t set between late march and late september.

Part of Lapland is located north of the Arctic Circle. Some of the best places to experience the midnight sun are Kebnekaise and Abisko.

Enjoy the Right Of Public Access

In Sweden you are welcome to enjoy the Right Of Public Access. It is rather unique giving us the freedom to roam just about anywhere in the countryside as long as we do not disturb or destroy. We owe to this right many of the opportunities for outdoor recreation that we enjoy in Sweden. The Right Of Public Access demand responsibilities, that is to take care of nature and wildlife and to show consideration for landowners and for other people enjoying the countryside. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sums up the Right of Public Access in the phrase ‘Don’t disturb – Don’t destroy’.

Sites to see and explore around the Wilderness Road

In and around Dorotea are great fishing waters. Many different species of fish swim the waters of calm ponds, flowing rapids, still-flowing rivers and lakes.

Borgafjäll is located about 100 km from Dorotea and there are several nice hiking trails, bike paths, mountain snorkeling, nice fishing waters and the opportunity to rent a boat and canoe.

In Vilhelmina there are constructions in the Sami tradition and also Sami handicrafts. Vilhelmina is known for its food with high quality local ingredients.

Båtsuoj Sami-center. Take part in Sami culture, visit the farm's reindeer and a Sami settlement. Take a guided tour and enjoy the history of Sami life through the years around the fireplace.

Relax in the silence and the wonderful Swedish northern nature

Motorhome camping in Sarek National Park

Sarek is located 128 km south of Abisko (the bird path) and is a high alpine area where the Sami have lived and followed the reindeer's migrations since ancient times. Through their annual migrations between different grazing lands, the reindeer have carved paths into the landscape.

Sarek National Park has not been adapted for tourists and is one of the few national parks in Sweden where there are no amenities for visitors. There are no cabins, rafters or marked trails.

Reindeer etiquette

The reindeer move after their inner compasses and the inherited desire to walk, and the vulture (the mother) has a longing for the place on the mountain she was born - to give birth to her own calf.

If you were to go on a hike and come close to reindeer, it is important not to scare the animals. Sit down and wait for the reindeer to pass or walk around them. Always keep dogs on a leash as the reindeer see them as their largest threat, the wolf.

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